for over 100 years, the bugle yearbook published individual portraits of virginia tech students.

in 2020, that tradition will change.

Over the last few years, getting students to come in for a Bugle portrait has become more and more difficult. In 2019, fewer than 200 graduating seniors came in. So we knew it was time for a change.

In an age where students take a dozen pictures a day, talking visually is more commonplace. We speak to each other in images, with friends and backdrops and the things we love.

So starting in 2020, the Bugle yearbook will not be printing individual portraits. Instead, that space will be used for more photos of the year in review, the change of seasons, events like Relay for Life, Grad Week and graduation, our amazing athletes, the Corps of Cadets, the special connections we have in our groups and clubs, and all of the relationships between all of us Hokies.

We’re not living alone in the boxes any longer. We’re living and remembering our lives on campus together, with friends, with community, with joy, and with our beautiful Virginia Tech scenery.

Live your Hokie life outside the box.

If you’re still interested in having senior portraits done, we recommend the Grad Fair with Alumni Relations.