general yearbook questions

Q: What year does the 2020 Bugle cover?

A: The 2019 Bugle covers the fall semester of 2019 and the spring semester of 2020.

Q: When will I receive the yearbook I ordered?

A: The Bugle is a fall delivery book in order to include the current year’s graduation and spring sports. The book will be shipped to the student’s permanent address in the fall after the academic school year for which the book was purchased.

Q: What is the four-year deal?

A: The four-year deal is the opportunity for students to purchase all 4 years of their college yearbooks at a discounted price. Please note that the Bugle will no longer be selling four-year deals after the 2016-2017 school year. 

Q: I received a flyer in the mail about ordering a yearbook, but I already purchased one. Does this mean you do not have my order?

A: This does not mean we do not have your order. When we send out mailers, they are done in mass mailings. This means that every student receives a mailer regardless of whether they have purchased a yearbook. We try to take students off the list, but we do miss some. If you would like to be taken off the mailing list, you can contact the office at

Q: Where is the yearbook office located?

A: The yearbook office is located in room 364 Squires Student Center.

Q: How do I purchase a yearbook from a previous year? Do you have all years available?

A: While we wish we had duplicates from past years, our office has a limited stock of some publications. For information on purchasing previous years, please click here.

 advertising and tributes

Q: I’m a business. How can I place an advertisement in this year’s publication?

A: We would love to have your support! There are a number of advertisement options to suit any business and budget. For more information, please click here.

portrait and organization photos

Q: When are senior pictures taken? How will my son/daughter know when they are being taken?

A: This year the yearbook is taking a new direction, and due to lack of student participation in portraits in the past, the 2020 yearbook will not include portraits, allowing more space for organizational and community coverage. For more information, please click here.

Q: We would like our club, organization, sorority or group photo to be placed in the yearbook. Who do we contact?

A: We would love to feature your group in our reference section! Email us to be put on our organizations contact list, and we will contact you with more information! 

return policy

Q: I ordered a yearbook, but my son/daughter is not in it. Can I return it?

A: Our return policy indicates that any purchased yearbooks cannot be returned, nor will a reprint take place. We apologize for the error and inconvenience.

Q: My child’s portrait was not in the yearbook. Can I have it reprinted or return it?

A: As stated above, our return policy indicates that any purchased yearbooks cannot be returned, nor will a reprint take place. The Bugle does not facilitate the portraits placed in the book. That is a process between our third party portrait company and our printing company. We apologize for the error and inconvenience.

Q: I accidentally ordered more than one yearbook. Can I return the books I do not want?

A: Our return policy indicates that any purchased yearbooks cannot be returned. Be sure to check with your parents/children to make sure you both have not ordered the same yearbook. You may transfer the extra orders to a future year’s book.